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World Humanitarian Forum | New York 2021

Convened by the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF), the 2021 Forum will provide an invaluable opportunity for humanitarian leaders to join Heads of State, UN Principles and private sector c-level executives to discuss and find solutions to the key issues of today being discussed at the UN General Assembly. 

WHF will feature main stage discussions with heads of state and high-level roundtable discussions on topics ranging from climate finance and emergency responses to blockchain innovations in humanitarian organisations. By attending WHF New York you will be able to network, gain knowledge and find solutions to the problems faced by you and your organisation as we aim to build forward better while redefining humanitarianism in new contexts.

In the World Humanitarian Forum New York 2021, prominent Heads of States, thought leaders, experts and activists from multiple sectors will come together to discuss these issues from different angles and create a Call to Action to tackle the global crises in the Year Of Hope as we build forward better.



The annual World Humanitarian Forum events advance critical  global discussions and transform conversations into action, provide a powerful platform to facilitate shared value collaborations  and achieve social impact objectives. The convenings provide the stage for the world’s greatest minds to speak of their expertise  and discuss their findings. Whether on broad subjects, specialized  tracks or concentrated niches, our guests find an extensive learning  journey into the world’s best practices.  

World Humanitarian Forum New York 2021 will be a hybrid event, bringing together some of the greatest minds in humanitarian aid and international development to address how the world will, in the Year of Hope, not "building back better", as "back" was not good enough, but to build forward better.



  • Explore ways in which UN agencies, government and non-governmental organisations can collaborate to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • Strengthen the public-private dialogue by highlighting successful partnerships between Governments, U.N. and civil society. 

  • Supporting companies in making new commitments to create cross-sector solutions for social change.

  • Learn and network with the world’s most important humanitarian leaders about topics ranging from climate financing to green supply chains, blockchain and Ed-Tech.

  • Find solutions and develop partnerships to engage with the UN SDGs.

  • Explore ways how to build forward better in the new definitions of humanitarianism.

Calls For Action

There is public momentum that propels all social actors to action. By creating new collaborations, we can achieve more together in creating solutions which can help us reach the UN SDGs by 2030. Working together as a global platform committed to addressing the future of the humanitarian sector by redefining humanitarianism, to include preparedness and innovations resulting in a global dialogue that can inspire international actors to move forward to transform hope to action.

Get Involved: To learn more about partnerships, sponsorships and other forms of participation please contact: info@whf.london.

Main Stage

Main Stage

The pandemic powerfully highlighted many issues and fragilities in the humanitarian aid and international development, delaying the significant progress that had been made through the previous decades and jeopardising the success of the Decade of Action for the SDGs. Whilst the pandemic struck, this has enabled us to take a step back, innovate and build alliances with private sector, UN agencies, governments and INGOs to deal with the many humanitarian crises which are only increasing in scale.

In the World Humanitarian Forum New York 2021, prominent Heads of States, thought leaders, experts and activists from multiple sectors will come together to discuss these issues from different angles and create a Call to Action to tackle the global crises in the Year Of Hope.




In the WHF New York 2021, there will be Strategic Roundtable Discussions under six different themes: Tech For Good, Finance & Funding, Supply Chain Management, Medical & Health and International Development. Knowledge is undoubtedly a driver of productivity and growth. The WHF Roundtables support the new focuses on humanitarian aid and international development. These roundtables address current trends and insights, enabling participants to collaborate on key issues, build solutions and create alternatives that can incite change. 



The Forum brings together prominent leaders from the public and private sectors, as well as international pioneers to shape global, regional and industry agendas. 

It’s a unique opportunity for you to engage in inspirational, thought-provoking, and future-focused dialogues that aim to shape the future of humanitarian aid.



Some of the world’s most important pioneers and influencers in humanitarian aid will be speaking at this year’s event.

We've gathered a host of speakers that are making a global impact, that have a compelling story to inspire the humanitarian world.




Does your company or organisation want to have a wide and international exposure to the global aid and humanitarian community?

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