Introducing WHF Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Index

Diverse group of women around a working desk talking

The WHF DEI Index is a database with ratings on 220+ countries. It provides insights on the country level; different insights and data are available for WHF members.  

The WHF Country DEI Index powered by Denominator, a company with the most comprehensive coverage of DEI measures across countries. The sophisticated rating methodologies are built upon multiple international frameworks. The ratings have been made possible by the 175+ unique DEI indicators.



DEI Index Diagram

A holistic approach to DEI

DEI covers multiple different dimensions.

Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Age, Engagement, Opportunity, Disability are some of the dimensions, but the list is much longer. As a consequence, a holistic approach is essential when discussing, measuring, analysing, or assessing DEI.

Most DEI efforts only focus on a single or maybe two DEI dimensions. A single or narrow approach to DEI leads to lost opportunities and minimizes the return on DEI investments. Denominator is the only provider that takes a holistic approach in all efforts and work as the guardian of neutral influence between the DEI dimensions. DEI should not be a zero-sum game, but a win/win investment.

The comprehensive approach at Denominator entails that we measure and score on more DEI dimensions and sub-dimensions than any other company in the market. That allows us to assist our clients to manage risk, identify opportunities and create sustainable improvements. 


WHF DEI Index Methodology