Supply Chain Management Programming Board

Supply chains are key in the delivery of humanitarian aid. Ranging from topics such as transparency and localization, we must consider what are the primary challenges and solutions faced by the humanitarian sector. While the humanitarian sector aims to provide aid, we must consider how this can be done in a sustainable manner while analysing how to assist local organisations. Our supply chain management board is composed of experts from international institutions and INGOs who work in the logistical requirements for humanitarian organisations, providing us with key insights into the sector.

Neil Rodrigues (Co-Chair), Senior Director, Global Supply Chain Operations,  International Rescue Committee

Dr. Diego Vega, Deputy Director, HUMLOG

Cecile Terraz, MBA, PMP, Global Director of Supply Chain & Procurement, Plan International

Christian GrønnerødHead Of Supply Chain Management, Danish Refugee Council

James Mc Waters, Senior Supply Chain Advisor: Cold Chain Supply Systems: 19 East Africa, World Food Programme

Rose Van Steijn, Development Director, Fleet Forum

Susan Hodgson (Co-Chair), Global Humanitarian Supply Chain Lead for Save the Children International, Save the Children International

Marie Houel, Global Head of Procurement and Supply, Solidarités International

Board Member's Profile

Neil Rodrigues (Chair)

Neil Rodrigues

Senior Director, Global Supply Chain Operations,  International Rescue Committee

Neil Rodrigues is a Supply Chain leader with multi-region & multi-sector executive experience across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the international development, aid and relief, commercial logistics, international trade & engineering sectors.

Coming originally from an engineering supply chain & commercial logistics management background working in leadership roles with large multinational corporates; Neil has worked with a range of NGOs in recent years in leadership roles, including International Medical Corps, Save the Children UK and International, Merlin and the Humanitarian Logistics Association. With a passion for and expertise in developing countries, his objective is to drive excellence in high performing supply chain and logistics global operations through effective change management strategies & inspirational leadership with the aim of furthering outcomes. 

Neil is also passionate about humanitarian causes and the potential of business in being an agent for sustainable positive change through effecting the right linkages and partnerships. 
Cecile Terraz

Cecile Terraz

MBA, PMP, Global Director of Supply Chain & Procurement, Plan International

She is a passionate Supply Chain woman with more than 18+ years of experience in
the private & humanitarian sector focused on building innovative and reliable supply chains
that make a difference to the people in need.
Cecile started her career in FMCG supply network operations working for Procter & Gamble
in internationally renowned brands such as Pantene and Gillette. After a brilliant career in
the private sector, she decided to move into the non-profit in 2015 relocating to Cambodia
and working for a Swiss NGO. Following that experience, she joined MEDAIR in 2016 as head
of Supply Chain building strong country operations, emergency responses, and getting
greatly involved in the inter-NGO Logistics network called HLN (Humanitarian Logistics
Cecile has been involved in publishing several advocacy papers within the network (HLN) on
the future of supply chain in the aid sector such as “Strength in Numbers – towards a more
efficient humanitarian aid: pooling logistics resources, @2019”
Cecile joined PLAN International as global director of supply chain & procurement in 2019
and graduated with an Executive MBA in supply chain in 2020, focusing her efforts on
strategies, technology & coopetition for the humanitarian sector.
If you meet Cecile outside of work, she will probably be in the mountains enjoying a bottle
of wine and some Swiss cheese.

Dr. Diego Vega 

Dr. Diego Vega 

Deputy Director of the HUMLOG Institute at Hanken School of Economics, Finland and associate researcher at the CRET-LOG Research Institute, France

Prior to joining Hanken, Diego was Head of Department of Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and Decision Making at NEOMA Business School, France. He holds a PhD from Aix-Marseille University and has over 10 years of experience in conducting research in the humanitarian context. His research has been published in high quality peer-reviewed journals and he serves as reviewer for various academic journals and international conferences in the area of humanitarian logistics. His current research focuses on logistics services in humanitarian supply chains, strategic management and qualitative methods. His recent projects include the development of a common logistics process framework for humanitarian organizations (Frontline Humanitarian Logistics initiative – Principal Investigator), MSF’s global response to COVID-19 during long-term operations (Principal Investigator) and the EU H2020 Health Emergency Response in Interconnected Systems (HERoS – researcher).

James Mc Waters

James Mc Waters

Senior Supply Chain Advisor: Cold Chain Supply Systems: 19 East Africa, World Food Programme 

James Mc Waters, our Cold Chain Specialist has arrived in Nairobi and joined RBN logistics this week. James is a supply chain and logistics expert; he began working in Humanitarian supply chains in 2006 in Southern Sudan. Since then he has worked with UN agencies in Darfur, Uganda, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Copenhagen.  He is specialised in developing operational supply chains and has concentrated on health commodities and vaccines. He is experienced in all facets of the supply chain both internationally and in-country operations. He has experience with both UNICEF and WFP.

He holds a Bachelor in Transport and Logistics Management as well as a Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management 

Rose Van Steijn 

Rose Van Steijn 

Development Director, Fleet Forum



Susan Hodgson (Co-Chair)

Susan Hodgson (Co-Chair)

Global Humanitarian Supply Chain Lead for Save the Children International, Save the Children International

Susan Hodgson has 15 years experience in the humanitarian sector which she joined after completion of 22 years Service in the British Army.  Sue specialises in ensuring that supply chain can meet the needs of all Humanitarian responses for Save the Children, is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group for the Global Logistics Cluster and an active member of the Environmental working group to reduce waste.  Sue holds a degree in Environmental Sciences and has a passion for reducing the impact to the environment around Humanitarian actions. Sue has spent most of her career working at field level manly in complex emergencies and in her free time competes her own horse at Dressage, showjumping and Cross Country, and still manages to find time to dance as an adult ballet dancer, participating in recitals at her local studio.

Marie Houel

Marie Houel

Global Head of Procurement and Supply, Solidarités International


Global Head of Procurement and Supply at Solidarités International since 2016.

Operation lead of the coordination cell for the EU Humanitarian Air Bridge from April to August 2020.

Trainee then expatriate with Solidarités International (Lubumbashi, DRC, Haiti - earthquake, Bunia DRC)

Positions through the private sector (Bolloré, Lafarge & International SOS) then return to humanitarian aid to provide support for the Ebola humanitarian response in 2015.

Coordinator of the humanitarian procurement network Inter Agency Procurement Group

Christian Grønnerød

Christian Grønnerød

Head Of Supply Chain Management    Danish Refugee Council


Christian Grønnerød is a procurement and supply chain leader with more than 20 years’ experience across several regions. Coming from an Air Force and subsequent NATO procurement background, he moved to the United Nations in 2001 where he developed the procurement framework and subsequently held several leadership positions at field and HQ level. In 2016 to join the Danish Refugee Council to establish and build up its global Supply Chain Capacity.

Member of the United Nations Covid-19 Supply Chain Task Force. Chairman of the Joint Steering Group overseeing the assessment of the UN supply chain system performance during 2020 to combat Covid-19. Advisory Group Member for Frontline Humanitarian Logistic work on common data model for humanitarian logistics.

Christian is passionate about the future of Supply Chain and Procurement and is engaged in multisector networks to determine what actions needs to be taken now to make the service ready to provide continuous value. He is a strong advocate for professionalization of supply chain capacity and introduction of technology to support better performance. Christian also believes that humanitarian procurement should be expanded to include broad cooperation between the UN and INGOs.

In his spare time, Christian can be found enjoying wine collected over the years as well as planning and enjoying global travels and fine dining.