16:00 - 17:00 BST: How development funding and financing can support the humanitarian sector

Development banks have a major role to play in the fight against climate change and other inequalities. Financing development and the transformation of national economies post COVID-19 is critical for the global reset dialogue, therefore development banks are only likely to increase in importance in the coming years. 


  • Dr Nabil Ghalleb, Director, Economic Empowerment Department, IsDB

  • Ms Camilla Otto, Director for Donor Co-Financing, EBRD

  • Mr James Holmes, Founder and Secretary-General, International Communities Organisation

  • Ms Maria Goravanchi, Regional Managing Director, Lower Mekong, US International Development Finance Corporation (moderator)

20th May

14:45 - 15:45 BST: Digital solutions for supporting beneficiaries: Digital Currencies and IDs

INGOs and UN Agencies are increasingly supporting technological solutions for beneficiaries, from using digital currencies to confirm transactions to digital IDs to confirm the identities of individuals feeling from conflict and instability. With more than 80% of refugees worldwide residing in countries where a proof of identity is required to even get a mobile sim card or bank account, finding digital solutions to this problem can drastically improve the lives of beneficiaries. 


  • Oscar Garcia, Founder and CEO, Uulala

  • Simon Reed, Deputy Director, Irisguard 

  • Salama Bakhalah, Interim Treasurer, Loop.io

  • Dr Jane Thomason, Founder, Supernova Data

  • Erik Zvaigzne, VP, Product Innovation, Convergence Tech

16:00 - 17:00 BST: Localising finance and leveraging local resources: voucher and cash-based assistance

Cash transfers and vouchers can ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those who need it most. Vouchers provide access to pre-defined commodities or services, while cash transfers can enable beneficiaries to meet their basic needs. 


  • Claire Durham, Steering Group Member, Local Procurement Learning, Humanitarian Logistics Association

  • Mr Bilal Khanzada, Director CVA & Lotus 20 Implementation, Save the Children International

  • Emma Delo, Cash & Markets Technical Team Manager, British Red Cross

Timeline and agenda are subject to change.