30 Oct 2019


Feraye Ozfescioglu - CEO, WHF

Dear Reader,

I hope you are well.

This month we celebrated UN Day by announcing the partnerships that we have forged with UNWomen and UNEnvironment. The organisations will be our knowledge partners and help us shape the agenda for the World Humanitarian Forum 2020. At the Forum next year, human capital, women, climate change, governance and youth will play a key role. We are also delighted to have SciDev.net and IC Publications (New African and African Business) on board as our media partners.

ike in our previous issues, we have put together some insightful and compelling stories for you.  In our main interview section, we have an interesting interview with Relief International CEO Nancy Wilson where she talks about the importance of targeted funding for fragile settings. 

In today’s 24-hour rapid information cycle, should we be more conscious about what we read or watch? The New Humanitarian Director, Heba Aly thinks so. She is urging us to ditch junk news. She says that over the last decade, we've awoken to the fact that junk food hurts us. And it’s time for a similar revolution in our news consumption. I hope you enjoy the clip.

In our Tech for Good section, we are running a candid Q&A with WakaWaka Foundation Founder Camille van Gestel. WakaWaka provides people in off-grid areas in low-income countries with safe, sustainable, and renewable power and light solutions. Meanwhile, the NGO under the spotlight this month is the Ariel Foundation International where AFI  President Dr. Ariel King discusses the importance of youth engagement in meeting development challenges. 

In our Hero Pathbreaker section, we are profiling Eliana Sousa Silva, a brave activist who has been fighting unflinchingly for women’s rights despite her life is under threat. And we sign off with a feature on why Cash Transfer Programming is one of the most impactful ways to disburse funds.

I hope you find the issue interesting.

Do send us your suggestions, stories and feedback

Yours Sincerely,
Feraye Ozfescioglu





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