19 Aug 2019


World Humanitarian Forum

Tech for Good is a section dedicated to highlighting how technology is changing the humanitarian and development sector. In this issue My Charity Hero CEO Uzair Siddiqui shares his views on tech for good. 

My Charity Hero is a brand operated by FTUK which is a not for profit and waiting to receive a charity status. My Charity Hero represents an online and mobile-based platform that allows other charities, organisations, volunteers, beneficiaries,  celebrities and donors to engage and collaborate with each other globally with regards to fundraising or spreading awareness related to any cause.

Our charity enables and promotes efficient, honest and transparent operations within a charity. From fundraising to beneficiary feedback and spreading awareness to donor reporting, My Charity Hero platform allows every charity and donor to proudly showcase their projects in a highly transparent and efficient way. Overall, My Charity Hero platform will make the charity sector more transparent and trustworthy resulting in more donations from donors around the globe.


Working with the charity sector

Basically, we are an online web and mobile-based platform. Technology-wise we have built the platforms with features that not only help with fundraising but helps charities in reducing operational costs through several tailor-made features such as automatic donor reporting and direct volunteer recruitment. Our platform is built on a highly flexible framework so it can expand anytime to include any additional features required by the charity sector.

I believe technology can help in several ways such as reducing operational costs, donor acquisition costs, help with global fundraisers and even find new projects. However, we believe the most important use of technology in the charity sector and also a crucial need of the time is collaboration. Unlike older times, with the help of digital platforms such as My charity hero, communication between charities, donors and beneficiaries has now become streamlined allowing multiple charities to combine resources and work towards a common goal. 

Uzair Siddiqui is CEO of MyCharityHero, a project of Friends Trust UK - a U.K. based charity organisation. He is also a director of Techwisely - a software innovation company in the UK.

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