Introducing WHF Podcast Series

WHF Podcast Series brings a series of high-level interviews with world leaders, private sector executives and other global influencers for a one-on-one account of the issues that are transforming the international agenda and people's everyday lives.

With an eye on the themes that drive the international agenda today and tomorrow, as well as World Humanitarian Forum's and co-located portfolio upcoming events. Our aim is to be a medium where world leaders, thought influencers and global executives can connect directly with people, to deliver their message without intermediaries and enable the audience to see the world through their point of view. 



Episode 10 - Enhancing Women, Peace and Security in times of COVID19: In Conversation with Melanne Verveer

Description: In this week's episode, we had a conversation with Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. We asked questions ranging from Georgetown's Women, Peace and Security Index to the role of men in promoting gender equality.



Episode 9 - Promoting systemic change at COP 26: in conversation with Nigel Topping

Description: In this week's episode, we had a conversation with Mr Nigel Topping, the UK's High-Level Climate Champion for COP 26. We asked questions ranging from how non-governmental organisations can support systemic economic change for global warming, how COVID-19 has had an impact on the global economic recovery and how a green recovery is vital.



Episode 8- UK and Africa: future trade, investment and development-in conversation with Emma Wade Smith OBE 

Description: In this week's episode, Charlie Bronks, our Advisory Board Member had a conversation with Ms Emma Wade-Smith OBE, HM High Commissioner for Africa. We asked questions ranging from the impact of the UK-Africa Summit 2020 to how future trade should consider the role of the UN SDGs and the African Union's Agenda for 2063.

Africa, SDG, Emma Wade Smith,


Episode 7- 

Enhancing WASH system resilience in conversation with Dr Patrick Moriarty


Description: In this week's episode, we had a conversation with Dr Patrick Moriarty, CEO of IRC WASH. We asked questions ranging from how COVID has impacted the operations of IRC, the role of leadership in international development projects, and the nine building blocks which IRC uses to strengthen WASH systems globally. To find out more about IRC WASH, please visit their website at:

WASH, sanitation, hygiene, SDG, IRC



 Episode 6- International Peace, Security and COVID-19- In conversation with Serge Stroobants


Description: In this week's episode, we had a conversation with Mr Serge Stroobants, Director of Europe and MENA for the Institute for Economics and Peace. We asked questions ranging from the most recent findings of the Global Peace Index, to the impact of COVID on conflict situations and the role of multilateral systems in promoting peace globally. To find out more about the Institute for Economics and Peace, please visit their website at: 

COVID-19, Peace, Economics, Conflict, Global, Resolution, MENA


Episode 5 - Questioning education, gender equality and data use - in conversation with Mr Patrick Dunne

Description: Today’s global context has increased pressures and complexities, one of them being how COVID-19 will impact the focus on the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the need to deliver measurable transformative change. The UN Sustainable Development Goals have been a major focus of international relations and many organisations for sometime now. However, lots of questions remain for the SDGs, particularly for quality education, decent jobs, and industry and innovation. We asked questions ranging from gender equality in higher education, the use of data, scholarships and the role of the private sector in bolstering the SDGs. Join us to get insight into this and much more.

sustainable, covid19, education , work,  technology, community, innovation, UN,  workforce, international relations


Episode 4 - Education and e-learning solutions in times of COVID-19 - in conversation with H.E. Dr. Tariq Al Gurg

Description: In this week's episode, we had a conversation with H.E. Dr Tariq Al Gurg, the CEO of Dubai Cares. We asked questions ranging from how previous pandemics have informed approaches to education, projects which Dubai Cares is working on and the interconnected nature of the UN SDGs. To find out more about Dubai Cares, please visit their website at

education, pandemic, sustainable development, UN , goals,


Episode 3- Ethical leadership in times of COVID-19 - in conversation with David Nussbaum

Description: The question of ethical leadership in the times of COVID is extremely important. For this episode of the WHF Podcast, we are joined by Mr. David Nussbaum, the CEO of The Elders. The Elders are a group of global leaders who work to promote peace, justice, and human rights. Founded in 2007 by Nelson Mandela, the Elders has included several world leaders ranging from former President of Ireland Mary Robinson to former Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

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Episode 2 - Partnerships for change: in conversation with Elizabeth Cousens

Description: In our second episode of WHFPodcasts, our CEO Feraye Ozfescioglu interviews special guest, Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the UN Foundation. In this discussion,  there was an opportunity to highlight the partnerships that have been succeeding during COVID19, namely the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO, the way forward for partnerships at all levels and complexities, and the need to promote partnerships as an accelerator for supporting the UN SDGs 2030.

itunes podcast listen here elizabeth cousens

Episode 1- Responding to humanitarian crises: in conversation with Francesco Rocca

Description: Welcome! In our first episode of WHFPodcasts, our CEO Feraye Ozfescioglu interviews a very special guest, Francesco Rocca, President of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). They had a very frank discussion about the challenges and lessons learned during the COVID pandemic. From the democratic-nature of the current outbreak, the critical importance of local actors driving the response around the world to the moral duty of all to protect the most vulnerable and communities by the dissemination of clear information and correct communication. The message is loud- this is a time for global unity to fight misinformation and stigma with one voice. Francesco Rocca’s key to humanitarian response lies with the local actors and community engagement not only in this pandemic but for the future.  

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